I am  Caio Jordão Carvalho, software developer from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Systems Analysis and Development student at Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Bahia.

photo5161135099092248615Actually I am working on StreamChord project to help people on learning to read musical scores. Also I am a undergraduate research student at Labrasoft research group, focusing my research on machine learning, pattern recognition and computer vision.

I am a member of KDE Community and I have been contributing to some open source projects, such as Calamares installer framework, kpmcore partitioning library and KDE Partition Manager application. I have participated in Season of KDE (2018) and Google Summer of Code (2018).

More personal technical information can be seen at my curriculum and Github.

Here is a more detailed list with some projects that I have contributed to and research papers.

You can contact me by email, Telegram or IRC (cjlcarvalho).